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Impossible is simply possibility waiting to happen.
Our classes are taught in a unique way to show the path to possibility and to empower you through breakthrough results and discoveries. From beginners to advanced yoga instructors, our classes offer instruction, modifications, and variations for all levels of practice and goals.
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Whether you’re a complete beginner just looking for a good stretch, a regular/advanced practitioner looking to advance your practice, or simply looking to find calm, Om Life Living is here to serve you.


All-in-One and One-in-All.

At our core is the concept of unity, we strive to bring you a variety of classes and videos to elevate all aspects of life: mind, body, and spirit!

To Serve & Connect.

Our community (aka YOU) is the heart center of everything we do. Your comments/feedback/requests are our top priority!

To Empower.

Our specialty lies in providing modifications to ‘show the way’ when it feels impossible. Our classes provide you the building blocks and tools to unlock your inner potential.

Quality Content.

We’re constantly upgrading our skill sets to bring you high quality instruction, videos, and content!


Having practiced yoga for over 13 years, Janice Liou is a +700 hr. YTT-certified yoga instructor sharing her passion for yoga/fitness/wellness in hopes of empowering others the way yoga has empowered her. Her classes are uniquely taught to build all levels of practice for breakthrough results. She believes that for every body, there is possibility - that "impossible" is simply possibility waiting to happen.

A note from Janice:

"I remember my first yoga class like it was yesterday. I remember how lost, frustrated, and confused I felt in a sea of practiced students. It wasn't until one day when my teacher came to personally guide me, that my practice shifted from lost to empowered. And, it is in the memory of that transformative moment that drove me to create Om Life Living - a virtual studio that advances your practice to its highest vibration for body, mind, and spirit all in the comfort of your own hOMe. I hope these classes will provide guidance, knowledge, and tools to empower you the way yoga has empowered me in my own journey.”


We are constantly looking for new ways to serve you, whether it’s a pose-specific class or a guest teacher or category of offerings. You can expect new classes to be added as we continue to grow!


Whether you are at home, in your office or on a trip. Practice anywhere, anytime at your convenience. App coming soon!


We believe that ultimately, everything, is yoga - yoga, is a practice of life. So whether you’re just looking to stretch or to learn the philosophy of yoga; whether your’e a beginner, intermediate, advanced practitioner, or a yoga teacher, we have classes to build your practice with a solid foundation and grow it from there.


Our monthly and annual subscriptions offer you an unlimited all-access pass to our ever-expanding online library of yoga, fitness, and wellness classes. Our 'Buy-to-Keep' selections offer you practice bundles for a no-commitment option!


Each membership automatically includes 7 free days. After 7 days, your paid subscription will begin and your membership will automatically renew.


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Ease of Access

Take your practice outside and anywhere you go! Download your classes for offline access to practice anywhere you go! + With our filtering system, you can easily find classes that work best for your mood and schedule! Filter by category, focus, authors, duration, and even level!

Stay Connected

Receive reminders on when to practice, interact with other students through comments, and share the practice with friends and family!
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What Students are saying

Rohini S.

Rohini S.

Transformation to Better Living 🌞

Janice is a highly seasoned and experienced yoga practitioner and teacher unmatched to others. She is one of my favorite Yoga teachers, who has ensured empowering me to grow both on and off the mat on several instances just by practicing in her class. She has always and always amazed me with her calming voice and easy cueing style, exceptional and innovative sequencing, hands-on assists and teaching techniques. She ensures that her students’ progress in their practice, while they sweat in her class to gain that physical and mental strength. Again, someone who has a pleasing and charming personality with great fashion sense. I wish her all the best in all her future endeavors
Adrienn N.

Adrienn N.

Dear Janice❤️ I have been practicing your videos for a while and I am absolutely loving them. I have just became a yoga instructor and aerial instructor last year, but I am a big believer in practicing with other instructors and learning from different people as much as I can. I would just like to say that you are such an inspiration to me! Since I have found your account and videos. The times I lack motivation to practice on my own, I keep coming back to practice with omlifeliving, and it never fails to motivate me-love the new platform btw🧘🏼‍♀️ I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you are doing. Keep being you, you are such a light and an inspiration. I am really just a beginner in the teaching world but I am so happy that I get to do what I love and be able to learn every day. Love, Adri
Steph Y.

Steph Y.

Best Investment Ever

I am beyond ecstatic that Janice released this app! As soon as I logged in, I just felt a sense of peace and zen - the app is designed beautifully and it is very user friendly. Yoga is now made super convenient :) There are so many different ways to sort on what you are trying to achieve for your body and yoga practice. I’ve never felt more motivated to do yoga at home. Janice is such a phenomenal yoga teacher and she gives such helpful tips on helping you become the best version of yourself. This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my yoga journey. You can sort by levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), what you want to focus on & etc. Working from home, I definitely have more pain on my upper back, shoulders and lower back; all you have to do is type those keywords in Search bar and a bunch of videos will pop up to help you in those areas. There are also challenges and training plans to help motivate you. If you are in a rush to go somewhere, you can even sort by duration! Having a stressful day? Try the Meditation and Sound Bath videos! There is literally a video for all my needs. I cannot rave enough about Om Life Living, check it out for yourself, you won’t regret it ;)
Belle K

Belle K

Beautiful and so worth it!!!!

I am so excited to start using this app! Janice’s online classes are the best- detailed, fun, focused, and varied. Before finding her classes I tried many other online yoga schools and teachers, and none of them can compare to Om Life Living. There is always something to be working on and improving, and Janice walks you through it with humor and kindness. She is always there to answer questions and help, too! Seriously, one of the best investments I’ve ever made when it comes to my yoga practice. I always feel inspired and supported with Janice and Om Life Living. The app is the cherry on top- it makes it really easy to find and access classes and jump right onto the mat (and you can download them for offline use). And the layout is gorgeous! I can’t say enough about how awesome these classes are. Thank you Janice!