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Om life living
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Live to your highest vibration.

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100hr yta
live to your highest vibration

by janice liou

Om Life Living

We're going to go big here to grab some attention.

Mindful yoga classes to live your best life.

Om Life Living by Janice Liou offers unique and in-depth online yoga and mindset classes designed to fuel you physically, mentally, and spiritually both on-and-off the mat.

Fuel your mind, body, & soul

Learn from Janice Liou - an authentic 700hr+ YTT certified teacher who is committed to empowering your confidence and helping you build solid habits & practice foundations with classes that bridge the "can't" to "CAN"  - and our collective of Om Life instructors/experts!

With Om Life Living, you'll be fueled and led through a journey of self discovery and possibility.  

Start today with a 7-day free trial!

Welcome to 
Om Life Living

Ready for your life to change?

A unique, in-depth online yoga and mindset app designed to empower ALL levels of practice by the space between "I CAN'T" to "I CAN." With Om Life Living, you'll be fueled and guided through a journey of self discovery and possibility.  

Learn from Janice Liou - an authentic 700hr+ YTT certified yoga teacher and mindful business mentor who is committed to empowering your confidence with mindful habits and transformative practices - and our collective of Om Life instructors/experts!

Don’t miss out! Take our classes and start your 7 day risk-free trial!

Welcome to 
Om Life Living

Ready for your life to change?


Yoga & mindset classes to fuel your journey of personal growth and achieving goals 

Live life to your highest vibration

Om Life Living

by janice liou

Janice brings kindness, love and warmth to all her classes reminding us that we are all in different parts of our journey and practice, and that yoga is more than just the practice itself, it involves our whole self. This app is perfect for all levels. I am almost one month in to my first training plan and have seen so much progress! The app is super easy to navigate, highly recommend

— Anna Q.

“the perfect yoga experience”

Having battled anorexia, depression, anger, and an addictive personality, yoga has always been this light that showed me how to tune into my habits and to realize the power that I can change.

That's why I started Om Life Living... to give back by sharing  possibility to ALL levels by transforming the body, mind, and spirit with practices that will impact every area of life.

Practice yoga change your life. 

If there is one thing that yoga taught me
- it's possibility.

Janice Liou

Transform your body, mind, & spirit

your all-in-one yoga & Mindset app

Om Life Living

Physically transform to feel and be your best self.
The body is a gateway to deeper layers. Unlock the body, unlock the mind, unlock the spirit.
As you build strength, flexibility, and mobility in your physical body, you will also feel these positive shifts in both your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Mindset is everything. If you can master your mind, you can do anything. 
You'll find tools to journal and reflect, as well as mindfulness infused throughout our classes. We even have an entire category dedicated to fueling your personal development.

Here's What You'll Receive





We have calendars, plans, and challenges to motivate you and keep you on track. With our mobile app, you can schedule an entire month of classes to receive instant reminders, or hop on your desktop to access additional resources. No matter where you are, you’ll have accountability right at your fingertips!



As they say, “Like attracts like.” Surround yourself with positive light and energy within our private community of yogis and passionate souls, all striving to bring out the best versions of themselves. Talk about a true #yogafam experience!




Transform your BODY  
feel the difference as you gain strength and build flexibility

What to expect:

Build confidence and feel empowered as you discover new possibility from within



strength and flexibility for your
body & mind

Refill your cup and build a stronger relationship with yourself 


Get motivated to crush goals with mindset and powerful mindset practices


Surround yourself with positive energy and a supportive like-minded community  


How It Works

Sign up and give us a try to see if it's a fit for 7-days, risk-free!

SIGN Up ✍️

Familiarize yourself with the platform for communication + classes.

Download the app and start practicing whenever and wherever! 


Join the community and introduce yourself! Make friends, find accountability partners, and let the fun begin!


“Classes on Om Life Living continue to help me in finding a new level of expansion in my yoga practice that I didn’t know was possible...

Yoga teacher @zenblissyoga

Janice Liou’s advanced teachings are a big part of my personal growth...I have noticed so much progress in my personal practice

Read her review about om life living here


“I've been using the Om Life Living app, and it's not only been a physical change but also a mental change! 

yoga teacher @byvickichai


“there's something about practicing with Janice Liou on Om Life Living that I simply can't explain...there's always something to learn.

Yoga teacher @mindfulcamii 


Teacher approved
| real results


Yoga & mindset classes to fuel your journey of personal growth and achieving goals 

Live life to your highest vibration

Om Life Living

by janice liou

be present.  Start living your life to its highest vibration.

We have one body. one life.
It's up to us to make the most of it.

available for:

the Om Life Collective features a network of instructors & experts to bring you a multitude of practices all aimed at raising our collective vibration!

Expand & Explore New Practices

The Om Life Collective

"I’ve never felt more motivated to do yoga at home. Janice is such a phenomenal yoga teacher and she gives such helpful tips on helping you become the best version of yourself. "

The Reviews

“Great for all levels, including yoga teachers!”

Janice is one of my favorite teachers. Anytime, anywhere I can have Janice’s expertise and guidance with me and it has been such a blessing. The app is so beautiful and clearly organized for all your yoga needs. Meditation, gentle, handstands, heart openers etc. 


“Best Investment Ever! There is literally a video for all my needs.”

As soon as I logged in, I just felt a sense of peace and zen.  There are also challenges and training plans to help motivate you. If you are in a rush to go somewhere, you can even sort by duration! Having a stressful day? Try the Meditation and Sound Bath videos!

Steph y. 
| best investment ever.

The Reviews

Om life living is a practice of transforming your body and strengthening your mind to live life at its highest vibration. It will illuminate and bring out the possibility that already exists in you. If you feel stuck, it will provide the fuel in your journey to help you fight your fears and move past any limiting beliefs keeping you from reaching your potential. 
If you are ready to say YES to possibility, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

To be the best versions of ourselves is easy...just realize you already are. 

How do you realize it? You practice.

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.”

— B.K.S Iyengar

Free your BODY.
Build strength and flexibility to move freely. Practice to a proven methodology that transforms.

Free your MIND.
Release fear and limiting beliefs as you increase self awareness and discovery.

Free your SPIRIT.
Get inspired by surrounding yourself with  like-minded positive souls in our community space.

Practice anywhere, anytime.
Press play on your phone, tablet, computer, stream to your TV, or download for offline access

Tools to help drive progress on-and-off the mat.  Reflect, journal, schedule, connect, and follow plans for ultimate accountability.

experience new events, classes, guest lessons, offers, and developments as we continue to grow 

here's what comes with om life living:


Join now >

I'm Janice,

I'm a 700hr+ certified yoga instructor and mindful business coach with a passion to help you live your best life.  If you've followed me through instagram, you might have seen me bend, stand on my hands, and talk a whole lot of chasing your dreams and believing in possibility.

However, 15 years ago was a different story. My history is the real reason why I became a yoga teacher and created Om Life Living and Om Life Coaching

about Janice >

hey there!

yoga didn't just change my life, it saved my life.

Yoga not only transformed my body and allowed me the freedom to move and feel better. It also strengthened my mindset by increasing self-awareness and providing tools to make change through consistent practice and dedication.
Yoga helped me heal from the inside out. With it, I was able to mend my internal relationship with anorexia, depression, anger, as well as the external relationships with the people in my life. It brought me from a place of self doubt and insecurity to an empowered space of feeling stronger - physically, mentally, and soulfully. 
To me, yoga has been a teacher in the art of living free. That is what I hope to share with my students.

anything & everything is possible for you.
you're not too old, too tight, too stubborn...you are enough.
Say it with me "yes i can"

swipe to see
| My journey

Om Life Living is the only one of its kind.

we slow it down to speed things up

Om Life Living classes are unique because they slow things down to give you stepping stones for accelerated growth and transformation. With these concepts, we bridge the gap from can't to CAN. We can help you access "impossible" poses in a unique and nurturing way to start seeing and feeling possibility.
Close your eyes, and imagine how it would feel to embody your most flexible, strongest, and most courageous self. With our step-by-step guidance, conscious yoga community, and library of nourishing personal development classes that go beyond the mat, you can make this feeling your reality.
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned teacher, Om Life Living is for you.
The problem is: most teacher trainings and group vinyasa classes move too quickly to fully dive into the key principles of the practice.
Our classes fill in all those gaps by providing in-depth knowledge that will unlock your physical practice and empower you in all areas of life.

classes that bring you
| real results

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+so much more

AND provide unparalleled community support to fuel your mind & spirit 

We are here to empower and grow into the highest version of ourselves and do the same for you.
At the heart of our classes is the mission to empower yogis of ALL levels through real personal development that goes beyond the mat.
If you are:
lacking motivation
don't know where to start
not practicing intentionally
 have been searching to become stronger and make easier progress
Save yourself the time now. Bypass all the mistakes I have made on my journey, and connect to a real soul-tribe community of yogis on the same path.
You have found the right yoga academy for you.
Don’t miss out on your own growth!
Try our classes and start your 7 day risk-free trial

practice at your own pace

Mindset practices to fuel your life


guidance + plans for accountability

All you have to do is sign up (why not? you get 7 days for free!), say hi, and start practicing. It's really a win-win situation!

This program includes everything you need to fuel your body, mind, & soul.

Prioritize your physical health, gain strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Create change in your thought patterns and habitual routines

Gain confidence as you release fears and limiting beliefs

Be supported by a community of heart-centered like-minded souls

Keep boredom at bay with a variety of classes, guides and tools that will keep you accountable

Feel more balanced, rested, and in alignment with what you want to create for your life.

Be in the practice of surrounding yourself with what serves you and say no to the rest.

Choose now to commit to yourself.  Choose possibility.

JOIN the omlife

This is for you if:

you desire mindful yoga that transforms on-and-off the mat  

don't care about stretching, strengthening, and feeling physically better 

you love all things personal development

you roll your eyes at personal development 

you crave connection with other like-minded, heart-centered souls

It's probably not for you if...

you aren't interested in self-love and discovery

Say YES to possibility.


(we made it easy for you with a 7-day free trial!)

Do I need any props?

It's highly recommended that you invest in a few props to not only help support your practice but also to help keep you safe! We'll provide a recommended list of props once you join, but you can also find our favorite recommendations here

Frequently Asked Questions

If I unsubscribe do I lose access to the classes and community?

Yes, just like Netflix, if you unsubscribe, you will lose access to any members-only content.

Can I buy a class to keep?

At this time we only offer classes through our subscriptions as an unlimited access model.  If this changes we will be sure to notify the community!

How often do new classes get added?

We do not have a set schedule but are always continually looking for new ways to grow and expand your practice (such as with live classes!). Be sure to join the community and turn notifications on for when new classes are added.

I'm healing from an injury, am pregnant, and/or have medical conditions. Can I still practice?

If you have past or present injuries, medical conditions, or are pregnant, check with your doctor first before doing any yoga. No matter what your experience, listen to your body.

Are there any requirements to join?

The only requirement is an open mind and curiosity to learn and practice! Our classes are taught in a way that is accessible yet challenging no matter your level.  

How can I submit a request for classes?

Our community space holds resources for submitting requests as well as allowing you to interact, ask questions, and share your journey!

How do I cancel my subscription or free-trial?

If you subscribed through the desktop, log in on the desktop, navigate to your account settings to change your billing. If you subscribed through the app, please cancel your subscription through your app store.

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